Employee Testimonials

This role has really helped with my decision making skills and has given me a far wider understanding of Motor Insurance and the industry. I have learned more about how to deliver a great customer journey and FRU creates a positive environment which is helped by the Team Leaders always being there to support day-to-day development and career growth. I settled in quite quickly, helped by the fact that there are a lot of like-minded people, given our great culture, and the induction training I received was great.

The Credit Hire team here at Haven Claims is a great one to be a part of. Regardless of your level of experience in Insurance and Motor Claims, the team’s diverse knowledge and expertise gives you the confidence you need to develop here. We have a great culture with top-tier handlers which makes this a great place to work.

Throughout my twelve years with Haven Claims, the business has really helped support my development, helped improve my confidence and made it possible for me to reach my full potential. Having seen how the company supports development, this encourages me to continue to push myself to grow further.

What I enjoy most about working for Haven Claims is the way that they make it fun to come to work. The role has given me a lot more confidence in my capabilities and enabled professional development. I could not have done this without the support of Management. The Finance team are all very hard working, they are team players, and they go the extra mile. It’s a joy working with them, as part of Haven Claims.

I appreciate feeling like Haven Claims invests in its employees. They have really helped introduce me to a diverse group of people and have done a great job to build a sense of an ‘over-arching team’ rather than the solo mentality that has happened in other places that I have worked.

Haven Claims has really supported me in my day-to-day role, by supplying structure, advice and regular meetings that give guidance and enable career development and personal growth. Most of all, I have gained confidence by tapping into skills that I was not sure that I had. I have met a lovely group of people with the same goals and values as me, for whom I am sure will continue to support me in the future.

I am currently utilising my passion for marketing as an In-House Recruiter for Haven Claims. Transferable skills are something that I believe in, and these are enabling me to build a portfolio in areas that I would not have been able to if Haven Claims did not give me the support, confidence and trust to grow both professionally and personally. The team at Haven Claims are great and very supportive, creating a working environment that is a pleasure to be in.

Although I have only worked for Haven Claims for a relatively short period of time, I have attained an abundance of knowledge with regards to claims handling from a Defendant’s perspective. I have been provided with an outstanding amount of support and guidance throughout this period, so much so that I have been invited to be involved in initiatives and projects. This has not only further developed my skills and understanding of the industry, but has been an all-round enjoyable experience and confidence booster with regards to my professional development. These are just a few of the reasons why Haven Claims is a great place to work!

I have been at Haven for over 5 years progressing from the First Response Unit (FRU) to the Third Party (TP) Unit.  In the summer of 2017, I was chosen to assist in training an academy of new starters. I found the role extremely rewarding and felt I had found my chosen career path. During this time I grew in confidence and competence which led me to formally apply for my Coach role. Haven Claims have now given me the opportunity to pursue this role full time as a coach/trainer across the Northern sites. I am thoroughly enjoying having a close working relationship with handlers, my peers and assisting my colleagues with their ongoing development.

It has been a great experience so far! The work itself is very similar to what I’ve done in the past, but the environment is different. Haven Claims is a much smaller, tight-knit company. Everybody seems to be really friendly, have good relationships with one another, and it’s nice to be able to put a face to a name when you are working with another department. Overall, it’s been an exciting and rewarding experience so far!

I joined Haven nearly five months ago, after working for several other insurers previously. I have joined a fast moving, dynamic place to work. We are growing and have a workplace designed to help us learn, gain more technical knowledge to help us in our roles as a non-standard insurer! I really feel I can learn and expand my role and hopefully continue to develop my skills further. Speaking to management is never an issue as all are approachable at any time. The FRU team at Haven deliver a claim with concise information that I’ve not seen at other insurers, which in turn, allows the claims team to be more focused and to deal with claims in a more-timely manner.

I have been at Haven for nearly 6 months now and have really enjoyed my time with the company. The staff are very welcoming and make you feel a part of the team straight away. I have already been given the chance to progress within the business, and have also seen many others do this. The office has the perfect balance of hard work while still allowing staff to build up social relations with each other. I am really looking forward to the future with Haven Claims as I feel with hard work, I will have the chance to progress further within the business.